VITIX® - a new treatment for vitiligo?

KU Schallreuter and H Rokos

Int J Dermatol 2005, 44: 969-970



In summary, our results show that the plant extract formulation from Cucumis melo (Vitix®) has no pseudocatalase capacity under in vitro or in vivo conditions. Moreover, there was no significant improvement in facial vitiligo after 4 months of treatment.

FT-Raman spectra of H2O2 following the O-O stretch at 875 cm-1 over time. A comparison of H2O2 removal by Vitix® and pseudocatalase PC-KUS (100 mg of the creams were mixed with 25 μl of 30% H2O2; the first spectra were measured after 3 minutes).

a) Vitix® (native Form),   b) Vitix® (crushed microspheres),  c) Pseudocatalase PC-KUS,    d) Vehicle alone (pseudocatalase base cream).


Note the rapid degradation of H2O2 by PC-KUS compared to the minimal removal even after 24 hours with Vitix® or with vehicle alone H2O2.