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Research Areas

The Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Group is involved in Basic and Applied Research in both Health and Disease, focusing on the following subjects:

Ø      Oxidative stress, protein/peptide damage and repair mechanisms on the non-neuronal endocrine network in the human skin and its appendages

         o       Adrenergic/noradrenergic signal transduction

         o    Cholinergic signal transduction

         o    Steroid hormone signal transduction

        o    Melanocortins and signal transduction

         o    Regulation der aromatischen Aminosäuren Hydroxylasen

        o    Regulation der Pterine in der Haut

         o    Lipid Transport und Metabolismus

Ø      Regulation of skin and hair pigmentation in health and disease

        o    Vitiligo

         o    Albinism

        o    Other pigmentary disorders

         o    Age related changes

Ø     Photobiology in the human skin

Ø      Psychodermatology

Ø      Non-invasive Skin Imaging with FT-Raman Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Ø      Structural computer simulation

Ø      Treatment modalities and skin pharmacology