Patient Comments

"I just wanted to say hello and say thank you once again for all your hard work and commitment to your research. Without it I would not be experiencing marvellous repigmentation right now, so thank you once again. Further please know that your hard work is appreciated by all your patients because you make it possible for us to live normal lives again!!!!"


"I had to write as I wanted to thank you all again for the work you're doing. My kids went back to school today and so I saw friends I hadn't seen all summer. They were just amazed by the change in me. I'm on cloud 9, so happy!"!


"I have tried many things the past 4 years or so to try and improve my vitiligo – dietary changes, homeopathy etc – and the pseudocatalase/UVB treatment is the ONLY one which has produced any improvement at all. So of course I am very pleased and very impressed with the method you and your colleagues have pioneered."


"I have discovered something wonderful today... 2 black eyelashes amongst the white ones!!!! Do you recall, half of one eyelid was white, that repigmented, but the lashes stayed white, well I discovered 2 black eyelashes coming through in the middle of the row of white lashes!!!"


"For the first time in a few years I'm not leaping for joy that autumn is here and summer has gone as I have really enjoyed summer, sitting out in it and not covering up (especially my arms) - it's been much more comfortable and freeing. Even played snooker at a friend's barbecue with bare arms - I wouldn't have done that before!"